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Thank You, Hong Kong!

With an unexpected - but much welcomed - surprise, Picture. Perfect. snagged “Best Picture” in Hong Kong this past week via China’s largest online short-film distribution platform:

The film has been well received in Asia - gaining distribution in both mainland China as well as Taiwan - and Winston and I have been humbled at it’s reception and warm welcome garnered from our fellow Asian-ers. 

Wanting to make sure both of us were able to attend, graciously bought both of our tickets and paid for all accommodations (a rarity in the short film world), and upon arrival, they immediately took us to our hotel rooms where we were able to rest for the ceremony the following day. 

Along with fellow filmmakers from USC, Lauren Fash and Susan Graham (“Quiet”), and fellow Chapman Alum, Mike Marino (“Titans of Newark”), we were able to kick back and enjoy some awesome food and fellowship before the ceremony. 

Fellow Filmmakers: Michael Marino, Lauren Fash, Susan Graham, Aaron Tao, Winston Tao

Hong Kong’s City/Night Life

Winston: The typical Asian tourist…

What’s China without a little Chinglish…

Hong Kong Food doesn’t get much better than this: Roast Duck, Roast Pork, and Rice

Winston getting off the Ferry as we arrive in Central Hong Kong

Mui Wo (Lantau Island) is the Island where we stayed Thursday night. Great little tuck-away spot for any interested travelers. 


Winston teaching these Shaolin Monks a lesson

Entering Hong Kong City

Thank you, Hong Kong, for an amazing experience and for the generous award. We look forward to returning one day and enjoying more of your festival and city in the future. 

Until next time!


H N I L Film Wrapped!

These last couple months have been pretty much a blur to both my brother and I as we’ve been in between writing and pre-production for our latest short film, “Her Name is Leah,” but the wait has been well worth it: Awesome friends, incredible cast/crew, near-perfect weather, and the ever-hospitable town of Sonora has all contributed to a film that’s beyond what any of us could have expected. 

Being the most personal film the both of us have worked on thus far, we are sad, and yet thrilled that our friend/brother, Brent Yim, had led us to come this far with the project. As many of you are well aware, Brent passed away from brain cancer 2 years ago. He was a faithful Pastor to his congregation; a loving husband to his wife; a proud father to his two sons; and an older brother to us.

He had initially approached Winston with the vision of this film while he was still at Chapman, but due to multiple constraints, we were unable to start the project. 2 years later, the project is officially wrapped and is going into post-production; and we know Brent couldn’t be happier. 

So, without further hesitation, below are some of the pictures and stills we wanted to share with you guys: 

From L to R: Simone, Jono, Aaron, Finch, Winston, and Joth (behind camera). Best tech scout ever. 

Filming the Train ride at Cover’s Ranch with our lead actress, Estelle Matranga. We had to put the train in reverse in order to get the shot above so Jono, our one-stop shop for Production Design, built the train conductor box in the front to emulate the real one behind us. 

Winston directing Reese Mishler and Maggie Hood for the picnic scene. 

Andrew Finch, Aaron, and Winston

Aaron and Winston check frame up top for the Clinic scene. Jono was able to build the set at a local church, and we just flipped the rooms for both the hospital and the clinic. 

One of many of Simone’s awesome Production skills at work: this crew house would make anyone jealous. 

The Prom Scene: strobing lights, awesome fog, pumped-up extras, balloons, and the works. 

Setting up for the hospital, macro shots of our lead actress, and additional shots of our pool scene. Our AD, Joth Riggs, took this last picture on set

With production over, we’re hoping to raise the funds to continue post-production, so we’ll be keeping everyone posted on the status of the project. 

A huge thank you to everyone involved and we love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Picture. Perfect. Wins in New York and Vietnam!

This past weekend, Winston and I were humbled to be accepted at the PovertyCure International Film Festival.

For more of their work and what they’re passionate about, you can check out their link here:

Mark Weber and Michael Matheson Miller, as well as all staff at PovertyCure are passionate about bringing social justice to the poor and impoverished in a way that benefits their community, rather than harming it. In their words: 

"Too often we frame the issue of poverty in terms of people’s needs and how we can meet those needs. In doing so, we misunderstand the problem and sometimes make ourselves the protagonists of other people’s stories. It is time to reframe the discussion around the creative capacity of the human person. How can people create prosperity for their families, communities, and societies? What are the foundations that allow people to thrive and what are the impediments? From poverty alleviation to human flourishing, from paternalism to partnership - thank you for joining us for a different kind of festival." 

New York, New York! In all it’s cold glory. 

Winston and Aaron at the PovertyCure International Film Festival Gala. The filmmakers we met were from all around the world and their work consisted of strong humanitarian and social issues - from border issues in Cambodia, to the Syrian war in Syria. 

Michael Matheson Miller, research fellow at Acton Institute, hosted the awards ceremony. 

We secured the award for Best Narrative Short and were awarded it by Mark Clayman, producer for “The Pursuit of Happyness”! The whole experience was unreal and unforgettable. 


Ngoc Ho, our producer for “Picture. Perfect.” hopped on a plane to Vietnam to secure our awards for the YxineFF Film Festival! 

In Vietnam, “Picture. Perfect.” won the Golden Heart Award as well as Best Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Male Actor. 

The cast and crew of “Picture. Perfect.” is truly humbled to receive these honors and we look forward to where we’ll be traveling next. 

Until then, we will continue to pursue excellence and integrity in our work, as we keep you updated! 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone as we celebrate the birth of Christ! 

Love you guys!


Picture. Perfect. in Vietnam!

Ngoc Ho, the producer for Picture. Perfect. will be attending the festival Award Ceremony on Friday, 13th December 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City! 

Below is a brief description of the Festival: 

YxineFF (Yxine Film Fest) is an annual online international short film festival at

With the slogan “Sharing. Love. Cinema“, YxineFF’s target audience is young independent filmmakers and cinema lovers.

YxineFF’s first edition commenced in May 2010. YxineFF is a voluntary, non-profit and independent project.

The YxineFF project receives support from many organizations, companies and individuals, including the Danish Cultural Development & Exchange FundGoethe Institute Vietnam,British Council Vietnam and the U.S Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

YxineFF 2013 is themed “Choice“, following ‘Individual’ (2012),  ‘Belief’ (2011) and ‘Love’ (2010).

YxineFF 2012 screens 66 films from 150 submissions in 4 categories:

  • International Competition
  • Local Competition
  • Panorama
  • In Focus.

Thanks everyone for your continued support of our team and we look forward to receiving updates from Ngoc about the ceremony!


Picture. Perfect. in New York!

Picture. Perfect. Screens this Thursday night at the Poverty Cure Film Festival in New York City! 

Picture. Perfect. is a FINALIST for the following cash awards:

  • $10,000 GRAND PRIZE
  • $5,000 Best Narrative Short
  • $2,500 Best Student Narrative Short
  • $3,000 Audience Choice Award powered by Facebook

Click on the link below to find out more about the Festival and if you’re in NY, we’d love to see you!

Thanks everyone and we’ll keep you all posted! 


Beijing 2013


To say that we were excited to be able to go to Beijing for Beijing Film Academy’s 12th International Student Film & Video Festival is a huge understatement. Having never been to Asia before in our travels, we jumped at the possibility of getting to go. 

At Beijing International Airport

From the moment we arrived at the Beijing Film Academy, we were greeted with warmth and smiles and the volunteers there were simply amazing. They gave us a tour of the facility, helped us get a SIM card to make calls, and encouraged us to go with them on the upcoming Great Wall tour, which was provided for the filmmakers. 

The Festival 

We were able to meet filmmakers from around the world: South Africa, Germany, Greece, France, Taiwan, Australia, Lebanon, etc, so the collective body of work that we saw was truly amazing. 

"Picture. Perfect. screened on Thursday night to an audience of a few hundred enthusiastic Chinese. It was received well and after, they had a Q&A for the filmmakers. 

Screening of “Picture. Perfect.” 


Q & A with USC students, as well as filmmakers from South Africa and Taiwan

Winston sharing for “Picture. Perfect.” 

Aaron Sharing for Q & A 

The film was received well, but it wasn’t until the Awards Ceremony on Saturday night that we were able to find out how much they really liked it. “Picture. Perfect.” secured another win with the Audience Award! 

Audience watching “Picture. Perfect.” 

Awards Ceremony, Saturday Night

"Picture. Perfect." wins Audience Award! 

In conclusion, the experience we had there was more than memorable and we’re grateful and humbled by the festival and win. We look forward to continuing the festival circuit and meeting other filmmakers around the world who are passionate in telling stories. 

Filmmakers from around the world

The experience and memories made in Beijing were unforgettable and we will be continuing to update you all with our future travels and festivals. “Picture. Perfect.” was recently accepted into the Vietnamese Film Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, so the next update will be from Vietnam!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and for all your continued support with our film endeavors. You, friends/family/fans, is what makes our job possible :) 

Next update: Vietnam! 


We’re off to Beijing!

Picture. Perfect. screens at the Beijing Film Academy this coming week and we’ll be there!

Awards ceremony is on Saturday night so we’ll keep you all posted. After the festival, we’ll be flying to Urumqi for a week, where we will visit our sister’s family and hold our newest nephew, Judah, for the first time. Seriously can’t wait.

Thanks for all your support everyone and we’ll keep you posted…from China!!!

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